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animated phone For all questions, call us directly at (248)841-8544
Where are you located?
Our main office is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.
Can I see and try the mattress before I buy it?
Yes, if you stop by our showroom in Farmington Hills. However, once a mattress is shipped to you, there will be fees to return it.
What sizes are available?
Any size is available upon request including short twin, short full, short queen, short king and all standard sizes. Additionally, you can have any size custom built for you by contacting us.
Can I really order any size and shape?
At this time, we only distribute 4-sided rectangular mattresses. The size can be as large as a king, so up to 76" wide and 80" long. Or, you can order a matress small enough to fit in a baby's crib. Mattresses are formed by rows of springs and since springs can not be cut in half, that means your mattress will be sized in increments (of approximately 2 inches) and always rounded down to ensure it will fit in the frame.
What about the box spring?
Box springs are sold separate but are available for purchase. Call for details.
How will my mattress be shipped?
First it will be carefully wrapped in recycled cardboard and plastic. Then it will be loaded on to a semi truck for private freight. The delivery destination must be accessible by semi truck. Or, you can drive directly to a local factory to pick up the mattress yourself. Please read more on our shipping information page.
How does the warranty work?
All of our mattresses have at least a 5 year warranty, some have 10 years. When a mattress has a full warranty, the replacement cost will be paid 100% for the entire life of the warranty. For partial warranties, the replacement cost is prorated over the life of the warranty.  Most of our mattresses have a hybrid warranty where they are full for the first year and prorated for the rest.
Is there a box spring for the air mattress?
Yes, a special box spring is available.